Thursday, February 3, 2011

"The Week" (Day 2)

I've started cardboard prototyping for a first iteration.

I built a dump-truck-shaped scooper for players to use. Behold:

I've realized plastic beads are probably a bad choice of material, and totally unnecessary for a first prototype. Now I'm thinking the "dirt" can be small pieces of shredded newspaper (or something like it?) and the "ore" can be beads -- but if so, won't the beads settle to the bottom? I don't want the ore to settle to the bottom... In which case the beads should be the "chemicals"?

I'll be headed down to Chinatown on Friday, so I think I'll go to Canal Plastics and get a handful or two of tiddlywinks (small plastic discs) or something. We'll see? At any rate -- progress!

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