Saturday, February 5, 2011

"The Week" (Day 4)

I've played around with the game design and done some field research with friends / peers.

Here's what I'm thinking for a new type of game:

Three players. They alternate between roles. The goal is to get as many points from all 3 rounds as possible.
  • Role 1: The Earth. You place the precious minerals (bottle caps) and the impermeable rock (cardboard). You get points based on how many bottle caps don't get found. And something about toxic waste.
  • Role 2: The Town / Labor Unions. You place houses on the surface. These houses can't get buried or moved. You get points based on how many digs the company does + how many houses aren't polluted by toxic waste. If you place toxic waste in a
  • Role 3: The Mining Co. You mine for minerals. For every bottlecap you mine, you can place one toxic waste. You can stop at anytime you want.
... so now we have this sort of player generated architecture, of pits and impermeable rock and walls and houses. I'm not sure how I can connect it to narrative: maybe there's a different ending based on who comes in 1st / 2nd / 3rd? For example, if Mining = 1st, Unions = 2nd, Earth = 3rd, then it is largely the same as the fate that befell Butte, Montana; the company leaves, the unions leave but they're poor and weak, and the Earth is full of toxic waste.

I'm thinking the toxic waste can be green chalk -- and for the grand finale, I pour water into the pits that the mining company dug, and so the water turns green like a polluted lake.

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